Best Torrent Sites for Downloading Free Movies Legally 

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You are utilizing the BitTorrent technology in the right manner if you decide to simply download films and games from torrent sites without violating copyright. There is no way to distinguish between legitimate and unauthorized content on most major torrent websites. 

We created a helpful list of torrent websites to resolve this problem which offers only free and legal downloading torrents. Such sites may be used to torrent perfectly legally to avoid problems.

1. The Pirate Bay

For many years the Pirate Bay has been a popular choice. They succeeded in diverting efforts to ban it or close it down, also with over 6.3 million months of visitors on the actual website, it got extremely strong.

The Pirate Bay, which guarantees at minimum one seeding in virtually every torrent on the site regardless of age, is renowned for its large network. Above, it has a simple layout and useful tags that show which torrent is from a trustworthy source as well as which torrent might offer safety risks for your PC.


RARBG is a major torrent repository recognized for its highly engaged seed and high-standard torrent ecosystem. The company is competing with The Pirate Bay by providing a more ‘tailored’ service with top ten in various classes and headlines on the front page.

The gallery’s size is respectable and is regularly updated so that fresh torrents are found on the site. RARBG also offers the same cost as The Pirate Bay for download. The main difference is that RARBG has a little greater ad incursion, so consider this while selecting one of the two.

3. 1337x

1337X is great for films, tv shows, and music. Some individuals use this for gambling torrents, although our analysis shows RARBG and The Pirate Bay have far more torrents in this category, particularly for older releases. 

1337X was a terrible choice a couple of years ago for any download since it was tedious to browse and offered a great many security threats. Ever since, it has undergone a whole site revision, making it more secure and smooth to navigate. You also have enhanced browsing features, such as filtering by category for series and movies.

4. YTS

Just move on to YTS if you are seeking a film. Although the weighted mean does not appear that good: relative to The Pirate Bay, YTS gets over 75 million monthly visitors and the download speeds rate is 3-4 MB/s, which is due to its location.

Firstly, it exclusively concentrates on films, and it tries its best to monitor HD-quality and small-sized torrents that optimize every device or connection. Secondly, the UI is attractive and ad intrusion is limited. 

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Finally, masterpieces on the website are readily available.


EZTV is the spot to go if you want high-standard episodes from your favorite series. Relative to RARBG, it does not have a big collection, but it concentrates on TV displays and is the place to locate any new titles in HD. 

The ratio of seed/skin is rather excellent, as it has a vibrant group with over 20 million visitors each month. EZTV provides several torrents and bundles of past episodes for the new releases in this program. Whereas ad incursion is at times rather unpleasant, the bingeing demands are controlled by the library size and good download speed of 2-3 MB/s.

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