Best MP4 Converter Free Download for PC Windows

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Videos are all around today, if we’re still doing our own or watching them on the web. Though they are plentiful, playing media files on various devices is seldom a smooth experience. 

Enter converters for video. These simplify your life by converting media files into several forms, allowing you to play the movie on your preferred device and application.

Video converters may also be used for visual studio, because converting the file to a new format can make editing operations more effective.

Fortunately, there is a large range of PC video converters, but it is hard to choose the correct one. For Windows 10 and older, we have chosen the finest video converters to show what they feature.

1. VideoProc

Our top choice for the greatest video conversion software for Windows is VideoProc by Digiarty. This is a pay-only software, however you can freely test it to see whether it fits well.

One perk of a premium service is that there are no invasive advertising, or upsells that you’ll have to bother about. The quality of the output video is good and rapid convert rates are accelerated by GPU hardware.

2. Allavsoft 

It’s intended solely as a downloader but works also as a converter for video. This is quite useful if you want to get movies from a certain system and have them converted to play on your preferred device.

A tonne of codecs is supplied by the converter. It also serves as a video to an audio converter and has several settings. It offers a resolution of up to 4K.

Allavsoft’s beta app allows you to combine or convert films for up to 5 minutes, but is still quite useful when contrasted to much more limited trial applications.

3. WonderShare

It’s one of the best accessible Windows video converters. It is certainly not the cheapest software available, but it might be a good fit if you are seeking for quality and speed. There are no advertising and upsellings to worry with, because it’s a paid software. 

Wondershare provides a free version with several restrictions. You could only transform one third of the whole movie length, performance is poorer than the premium version, and upload and save video is extremely limited. 

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However, you may use the screen recorder, uploader and disc burner without restrictions when you pay.

4. DivX Converter

DivX offers a free version, however DivX Converter Pro offers a major upsell. If the programme is first installed, you consent to many other software items: Divx Player, Media Server and DivX Web Player, as well as Avast Antivirus. Installation is also possible.

You may just uncheck the next option and proceed with the installation if you pay attention. You also have your email address requested at one point. It seems like you have to go, but that’s not the case. You may just click Finish instead.

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