How to Download Vimeo Videos to Computer?

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Videos can be downloaded to viewers for offline viewing. However, video download rights on multiple platforms might be difficult to comprehend and permit. 

Fortunately, Vimeo members and the above have features that allow for more control of video contents to enable or deactivate videos for download. 

Vimeo is like YouTube, a video network that lets its millions of people view and share films on a monthly basis. Unlike YouTube, however, the site is also a program supplier of video creation that offers its creative community a comprehensive set of processing tools via its paid subscribing service. 

Vimeo includes a downloading option that allows artists to work offline is one of many of its numerous capabilities. Only paying users with Professional, Extra or Professional memberships with upload privileges are able to access this download setting.

How to Download a Vimeo Video on Your Desktop?

1. Sign up for the site of Vimeo. 

2. Browse the downloaded video. 

3. Locate and click underneath the video the “Download” just on the main website. 

4. Select the quality of the video that you want to store your download in the box that displays. 

5. The film is now accessible in the Downloads directory on your desktop.

Save a Vimeo Video with a Different Service

Some third-party sites let you type the URL of the clip to the desktop that you wish to save and propose to acquire a video file. Below is an easy 3-step download technique for all Vimeo videos.

  1. Go to Vimeo first and browse the video you wish to download. If you discover a page, click on the URL on your keyboard and copy the internet link using the Ctrl+C search box. 
  2. After copying the URL, click within the box and press Ctrl+V to paste it into the text area below. Click the Video Download button. 
  3. A new window will show a preview pane, if done successfully. To view various audio codecs and bitrate, clicking on the drop-down site right on the white Download button.

I can’t Download Any Video

If you don’t have a sample, please ensure that the URL that you use is opened in a new tab. Try the procedures above once you have confirmed that they work.

To refresh this page if the instructions continue, hit F5 on your computer and complete the procedures above again. You may consider downloading a file upload application for Windows, Linux and Apple macOS systems if it still doesn’t work.

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It is Saving Solely as Audio Rather than Video

Ensure that you select from the download URL the choice “MP4 360p” or “MP4 480p.” You can only download the sound, but not the movie, if you pick “Audio MP4 128.” Probably, the viewer that you use would not have the codec needed for videos if you’re using the proper URL for download.

Install your device’s free VLC player and try to play the video file from inside the VLC, not the existing player.

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