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Zoogle is one of the biggest and trusted torrents search engine till date. Because there’s no chance to install a malware or a virus through Zoogle torrents search engine since all the files are verified and they are free from any type of virus in order to get best experience into your mobile, computer, and other devices. This is the main and best USP of zoogle we would say.


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Nowadays, the digital audience is growing day by day so the internet too. To avoid the freebooting, software and entertainment industries are suing these torrent sites aggressively. That is the reason why few big torrents sites are not showing up or preferably banned by the governments of several countries around the globe. These things make people smarter as they start using dark web, VPNs or TORs to breach the firewall security and get access to the sites without disclosing their IPs.

This is where Zoogle comes in. As we all know the genre of the Internet is versatile and the main essence to build Zoolge is one of this. We called Zoogle the world’s leading torrent search engine because it has the largest number of million verified torrents and they added thousands of them on a daily basis. Zoogle is a biggest and famous torrent search engine, users are downloading free verified files with the help of Zoogle. Zoogle uses a meta-search engine and BitTorrent protocol to store their metadata.

On Zoogle, thousands of alternative torrents are available for a single movie, game, software or whatever. You just name it, the Zoogle has it. There are more than 30 million contents available including shows, series, movies, games, apps, softwares, e-books and anime catalogs. Isn’t Mind-boggling? Oh yes, Zoogle is mind-boggling and the largest torrent search engine till the time.  

Moreover, Zoogle has more than 40 thousand films and games in an organized way. All the verified files are properly categorized in a smooth way in order to have clear and sound browsing within the site. Surprisingly, no banner ads have been promoted on the Zoogle website. We’ve experienced a few pop-ups instead though but they are easily blockbale by your browser.

Currently you have noticed a few changes in the UI/UX has been made due to keeping several legal things that’s going around against the Zoogle. Also, you can’t login into your account or even can’t create the new one just because of the same freebooting issues. Since signing in is needed to access the Torrents within the site, here are few other Zoogle alternatives that are comparably helpful.

Zoogle Torrents Sites Proxy List – Unblocked Mirror Sites

Zooqle Proxies

Urls List






















zooqle.unblocknow.uno https://zooqle.unblocknow.uno/

Best Zooqle Torrents Alternatives

The Pirate Bay


The Pirate Bay is the best clear and sound torrent website available on the internet. At Pirate Bay, everyone is free to download and upload the files on the site. There’s no login mandatory to download a file but if you want to upload one, you need to register yourself first. 

Now, let’s move to the cons of Pirate Bay. To download a file, it doesn’t provide you the metalink in order to get the file downloaded more quickly. 

Legit Torrents


Legit Torrents allows you to quickly download any type of torrent file from the huge directory and these all torrents must be legal as they mentioned on the website.

The website is very simple looking so it is easy to use and navigate. This search engine provides you all types of entertaining files like; games, movies, shows, e-book and more. Even you can download paid software from here all for free to stay productive apart from the entertainment.  

Since there are minimal ads, you can browse without any interruption of the irrelevant ads and could be able to counter unnecessary downloads or redirects.


Well, the ISOHunt was closed down a few months back due to some legal issues with the original publishers of the content. But, we’re expecting a quick return of ISOHunt with different site URL soon.


ISOHunt is not the old name, it’s the new name for the torrent indusry despite that it’s pretty famous among the youths especially who loves to download media content like movies, shows, serials, web series etc.

In some countries it’s still working properly and smoothly. If you’re looking for a way to access the ISOHunt, you must use a good VPN service in order to access it and enjoy downloading your contents at no cost. 



Torrentz has created its own reputation by providing quality free content to its users. It has the maximum user base (around over 2 billion) among the all torrents engines and Torrentz is the only one who provides the best user experience you ever have on any torrent search engines.

Torrentz has 26 domains currently, you can google them and try any of them by using VPN to avoid your ISP provider to track down your location and IP. 

Moreover, Torrentz is operational only for the Windows and Android operating systems. Torrentz uses the best scanner utility to find Torrents quickly and allows you to download any file type easily. 



iDope is also one of the best torrent search engine despite it’s bit identical cosmetically to the google search engine though. Their tagline says “A Tribute to Kickass Torrents” which we found funny somehow. Isn’t dope? 

If you want to use iDope, there’s no need for any proxy hiders or any VPNs to access this torrent search engine on your devices. Also, iDope says that they don’t track their users from where they come from. So, privacy-wise it’s a non ignorable option among all the torrent search engines.

You usually see few dating ads running on the site but they are quite manageable though.  

Kick Ass Torrents


KissAss Torrents is the very familiar name that we all know very well already. Just like the Zoogle, it was closed down earlier but Kickass came back recently with a completely different user experience, layout and the URL. We suggest you to use a good VPN while downloading anything from Kickass to secure your identity. 

People are using Kickass as an alternative to Zooqle torrents since it has the tremendous categories for the games, softwares, movies and ebooks. Kickass is the most famous torrent search engine till the date and it has the biggest collections of free downloads.



LimeTorrents is a new and proxy-free torrents search engine. Here you’ll get the verified torrent files with good downloading speed. All you must require is a VPN and a decent internet connection to download any file. 

There’s also no account required to download any of games, movies, music, Anime or softwares. It has a rich library in a uniform way just to ensure you’ll get what you’re looking for. 

Although, there’s no ads running on the website but sometimes you’ll see the tiny ads at the corner of the page but these ads are easy to close and ignorable. They appear in a way that doesn’t interrupt between the browsing and downloading.



If you’re browsing Torrents sites just to find and download free latest movies in HD, YTS would be a great alternative of Zooqle. All the HD movies are available here for free. You just name it and YTS has it. Biggest Torrent engine for the TV serials, movies, shows, and web series.

 YTS Movies Torrents provides all the movies in the HD quality(2160p, 1080p, 720p) at the smallest file size with great downloading speed. Even you can download 4K and 3D movies here at the fastest speed you have never experienced yet.

Just like the other Torrent sites, you must have to use a VPN for anonymous browsing and downloading movies without disclosing your IPs or identity to avoid lawsuits.



If you are already using Torrentz then you must know about the 1337X. Most of the files you searched for on the other Torrent engine would redirect you to the 1337X only. 

1337X has the huge directory for the latest movies, applications, Anime, documentaries, games, Tv serials and what not. It’s blocked in many countries but you still access any of 1337X domains by using VPN services or use TOR browsers for browsing any of Torrent sites.

1337X has the simplest and light user-interface, very organized directories, and less redirects to increase user experience. It was the most popular torrent site in the year 2016 and in 2021 it’s still famous among the youths like Zooqle.



MagnetDL as per name, it’s the biggest directory of magnet links and looks wise, pretty decent and easy to browse we would say.

You must have BitTorrent Client or Web on your PC in order to get a download file from MagnetDL torrents. In terms of downloading, we would say downloading speed a bit quick as far as other torrents.

Currently, MagnetDL has been shut down just like Zoogle due to freebooting laws and breach of copyrights but soon we’re expecting new proxies of their new domains. When they’ll live with them, will update you here with new domains and other related information.



Like Zooqle, Torlock also shows top 100 downloads at the home-page of the site. Torlock has a tremendous directory of softwares, movies, PC games, music and more. You’ll see the download recommendation as well on the home-page.

You can download any file without login through. If you want to upload a file then you need to register yourself first though. The UX/UI of the sites is quite decent and easy to navigate between the categories or file types.

Moreover, don’t skip to use a VPN while uploading or downloading the files to bypass ISP bans and blocks. VPN also helps to hide your exact location and manipulate your IP address.



At TorrentsGalaxy, you will find every type of file with decent downloading speed. Also, you can put up your questions in the forum section where you’ll get the answers of your concern queries. But, before putting things on the forum, you need to register for that. 

There you’ll see multiple ads running on the site and on the different proxies as well. To avoid that, you have to be very careful while browsing this torrent site to avoid irrelevant downloads and installs which may bug your privacy.

Torrent Galaxy has their own VPN software which you can find on every domain that TorrentGalaxy owns. It’s a free VPN, multiple IPs of Tier 1 countries, easy to use, and doesn’t eat too much internet data.



Well, BTDigg is a Brazilian based torrent search engine and also known as the first DHT mainline search engine. Although it’s based in brazil, but its primary language is english and you’ll find the worldwide content or torrent files on this brazilain torrent search engine. Apart from this, it also supports Russian and Portuguese languages.

BTDigg does not analyse the torrent files since it’s not a tracker and shares the files to you. BTDigg simply fetches the data from the databases of BitTorrent Client, μTorrent etc. It does not store and maintain any file on its own database so there’s no guarantee of any file that is going to work or not. It works like Zooqle, like a search engine, like google. So, be smarter while browsing or downloading any type of file from the BTDigg torrents.



TorrentGames is the best torrent site for most popular games, latest games, upcoming games, and the games you haven’t played yet. It explains its name itself.

TorrentsGames is the most popular and growing torrent search engine among the youth. Here you’ll get the all latest to old-school games with the fastest downloading speed. TorrentsGames is like a diamond for the home-boys-gamers who love to play new games after one another and can’t afford the paid licenses of the highly paid games. 

Here, the games are not limited for the Windows PC, it also has the huge collection of versions for the gaming consoles as well like; Xbox 360, Xbox one, Xbox X and S series, Playstation 3,4,5 etc. 



ETTV torrents currently has four proxies that you can see on the official site of the ETTV. Out of these fours, only two are running though. But they are switching them frequently so we can’t mention any proxy concretely. 

It’s not mandatory to sign up if your only purpose is to download the files. However, if you want to take part in the forum discussion or wanna upload your own torrent file then you need to create an account by using any email ID.

ETTV has a humongous collection of the torrents whether you are looking for games, latest games, TV shows, softwares, adult content, anime, and e-books etc. You’ll get all of them at one place. There’s no ads running on the site which would be more comfy while browsing the website and avoid irrelevant clicks or downloads. 



Monova is not operational currently though. But it’s about to come sooner or later with new domains and new proxies list. Will update you here when they’ll come up with new proxies. Monova used to let you upload and download files without the registration requirement. We are hoping they will come back with the same feature asap. 

Downloading speed was decent we would say and sometimes it was to be a bit difficult to find and download the right file since the multiple ads were running on the site.



Linux Tracker is the one of the best alternative of Zooqle and the premier linuxvBitTorrent based torrent search engine. They do update their directories almost thrice a week and you can see that update or news on the home-page as well.

As per the name, this torrent search engine is dedicated to the Linux OS users only and this is something needy they proposed to the audience because almost all of the torrents sites are serving to the Windows users these days since Windows users are huge in terms of numbers if we compare it with Linux users. 

Anyways, back to the topic, Linux Tracker is the simplest and fastest torrent search available which is operational till date due to its legitness and secure policies. The site has no ads, you can download and install any linux games, softwares, apps without any irrelevant interruptions.

Public Domain Torrents


Public Domain Torrents is well known for the old-school movies and TV shows. The website is built in simple HTML which makes the site more light, easy to navigate, and of course influence the download speed. At this torrent, you’ll be able to get all classic movies from the 20th century and you don’t need to create an account to download such movies.

If you are a soul of old movies and enjoy watching them then Public Domain Torrents is the best option for you to get back into the old memories and reminding the era of that time.

Zoogle – Related FAQs

What Is Zooqle?

Zooqle is one the most famous and biggest torrent search engine till date. People are crazy for this torrent search engine since it has a humongous directory of the games, softwares, apps, movies, TV shows, anime, e-books and what not. Just name it and zooqle has it.

Are Zoogle and Zooqle the same thing?

LOL! Actually both have different meanings and have different sites. But if you search Zoogle torrent that clearly states that you’re looking for the Zooqle Torrents that is why search engines suggest you the correct search keyword which is Zooqle. 

But people are still searching it as Zoogle with the same intention and that’s how search engines’ AI algorithm works to identify your search query.

How to make zoogle use another download client?

Actually, it can’t be possible from the users end. This can only be done by the administrators of the Zoogle website since they have the controls and the authority to do that change.

How to use Zoogle with Vuze?

You can either use zoogle or vuze torrents. Both are the different torrent search engines and have separate trackers. If you’re unable to access Zoogle then you can switch to the Vuze torrent and can search for the same file that you were looking for on Zoogle.

Has Zooqle shutdown?

Absolutely not, Zooqle is an operational torrent search engine and working properly. If you can’t access it, you must use a good VPN to access it or you can switch to the alternative of it. Although, few changes have been made in the UX/UI of the site to avoid certain policy things.

Why do we need an alternative to the Zoogle site?

Zoogle is a famous and biggest torrent download platform which may go down sometimes due to overload of the downloads or the visitors. In that case, you might search for the alternative of the Zoogle to download the required file somehow.  

If you have tried any of the above alternatives of Zoogle or any other which is not listed here, please share your feedback and experiences in the below comment section we’d like to hear from you!

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  1. Are zoogle and zooqle have same meanings? Got confuse between them. Looking on web for zooqle torrent sites to download one of my wishlist TV show. Any good alternative you have or suggest me some another torrent site to download netflix shows?

    • Hey, both names have different meanings. If you are looking for a torrent search engine then it’s Zooqle but due to “q” in the spell, people started searching it as Zoogle torrents. So, both are different words but have the same intentions to search.

      To download any netflix show, you can go through the above Zooqle proxies but make sure to use a VPN first before proceeding to download anything. Thanks for writing!

  2. Have gone through the proxies you mentioned above but few of them are not working and rest of them are opening very slow. Do you have any updated zooqle torrents download sites? shoot me a fast reply.

    • Did you use any VPN while going through? We suggest you use a good VPN while browsing any torrent site like the Zoogle torrent proxies. Thanks!

  3. Is it safe to download movies from zooqlemovies.xyz? Please let me know clearly. Wanted to download a lot of movies, serials, and cartoon from the 90s.

  4. Which one is the best torrent search engine site for free full version games? Would appreciate it if you provide me a list of the best ones.


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